Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 20, 2012

woohoo! i´m headed to BYU! i´m pumped. in celebration of the good news, i´m going to finally send you some pictures of what´s been going on here in argentina the last couple weeks. This last saturday, we had a baptism! woohoo again! his name is angelo and his sisters are next.

tell kessa that she is free to date only if she hooks me up with her date´s older sisters haha.

transfers came in and i´m staying with elder zuleta. things are going well though, we´re going to baptize a lot this transfer. we already have three more lined up for this saturday and at least one more the next so things are good. i´m finishing strong.

love you!
elder newey

pic 1. a lake we hiked up to in San Martin de los Andes
pic 2. same lake. me and my comp elder zuleta
pic 3. ...same lake. me. yeah
pic 4. sick picture of my plaque